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Small and Tall Garden Dwellers

Plein-air (in the open air) is when an artist paints

his or her subject matter in the open air or outside.

This may be the first plein-air piece I've done that I actually like.

I've attempted plein-air before, and after two hours my legs and feet

were stiff as boards! Nervous, you know!

Plein-air is like broccoli or spinach.

You know it's good for you, however, you don't want to eat it.

I decided plein-air is plein-air no matter where you paint.

I see many plein-air artists painting in the mountains or

on a beautiful hillside.

This painting was created in my backyard!

A robin sat on the fence watching me! That was way cool!

It was a great place to paint, as all of my amenities were close by.

I can definitly see a difference in the quality of work, as far as my

standards are concerned anyway.

I was more comfortable and my legs were not stiff when I was finished.

It took two days to complete this painting. Experts could probably finish this

5" x 7" within a day, but this artist is not there yet.

Hopefully with practice in a comfortable setting,

I'll be able to venture a little farther next time.

My neighbor has asked me to do a painting of their weeping cherry tree

for her and her husband's anniversary.

You see, things happen when you take a little risk,

and eat your green veggies!

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